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Working Together Training

        well-being at work

We believe that everyone deserves to work in a positive and understanding environment. We also believe that it is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that this is happening. Through understanding ourselves and behaviour we will understand others better. We use many games throughout the training to get everyone engaged and involved because we know this helps with learning and long-lasting impact.

The core of the training is Listening Skills you will find out about barriers to listening, how to learn this skill, reading body language, building rapport through matching and mirroring and what questions to ask.

Understanding Each Other is all about different personalities, how different types prefer to work, possible clashes, etc. You will also learn how to communicate with different types, motivate and inspire them as well as minimise possible conflicts.

Understanding Behaviour is about our responses, especially emotional. We also use Transactional Analysis model to show you about different reactions and how these can affect the team dynamics but also how they can be managed.

These are the three main topics of Working Together Training.

In addition, you can choose Human Needs – where you will learn about why we do what we do and when our ability to concentrate might be affected. For example, if someone has big financial problems and their need for security and safety is affected this will affect their performance. This is a very interesting topic because many people don’t realise how our unfulfilled needs affect us in work and home life. Need to recognition. Need for belonging and connection and so on.

We also offer Vision, Mission, Value Statement for Working Together. Many businesses already have one for common goals, but we run an interactive session to help people to work together towards better working environment. Talking about openness, honesty, integrity, respect… Building a statement together will help team to understand each other’s needs and be on the same page.

Just like every business and team is different, we tailor the training to your needs. Contact us for more information and how can we help you create better environment for your employees.