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Management Training and Coaching

A tool is only as good as the person using it

Most Managers are hired because of their excellent performance, experience on the job or expertise. But how often you hire managers or key people because of their exceptional People Skills? 

If you hire someone to lead your team, the most important skill they must have is People Management. And with every person having different traits and preferences in communication and performance this, by itself, can be a challenging task. 

at Mia Cherry, we believe that everyone deserves to work in a positive and understanding environment and therefore it's important managers know how to manage people effectively and without negative impact on their teams lives outside or inside of the workplace. 

We offer 1-2-1 People Management Training and Coaching Program lasting 3 months ( 7 face two face sessions plus email/phone support) to train your managers in Listening skills, Recognizing different personality traits and preferences and how to deal with them effectively, how to motivate and inspire people at work as well as dealing with conflict and challenging situations and providing emotional support within workplace. We also look at Resilience and how to ensure the effects of possible conflict are dealt with effectively without long lasting consequences. 


Contact us for consultation today and improve your working environment for everyone. 


...because happy employees are more productive...