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Listening Skills

Listening is the most important part of any conversation! Whether you're a parent, teacher, business person or have friends, family, colleagues listening is a great skill to have especially when life gets tough. So instead of advice, you can offer listening ear and let the person talk.

STOP thinking and start listening. Often, when someone is talking, we are thinking of what to say next or 'me too!' response if the same has happened to us. The thing is, even if we have similar experience, it is never the same and also, we all love to be listened to.

Listen carefully to what the other person is saying. If you're in business, you want to find out key words and rapport building clues that can help you build strong relationship, if you are a parent you can find out what bothers or excites your child. If you are a teacher, you will find out ways to tailor your teaching to your student/s.

Mirror- if you were listening carefully you will be able to mirror the language and use the same words. This will make the other person feel listened to and they will feel you're on the same wavelength. Just because we think something is amazing if the other person says it's fantastic that's how they see it and amazing might not mean the same thing to them.

Ask open questions to find out more and then go back to the beginning of the process - stop thinking, listen, mirror and ask more.

Give the gift of listening - it costs nothing. 

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