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DISC Profiling

Have you every wondered how people work and why some people get on well and some not without an obvious reason? Knowing what Type of personality someone is can help you to work with people better and understand those who act the opposite way to you. 

The DISC Personality System Profile may change the way you see yourself and others forever. You can learn how people are motivated in different and distinct ways due to personality and communication preferences as well as minimize misunderstandings and when to steer clear of taking advantage of another person's challenge areas. 

Why Profiling?

  • Improve your communication 

  • Learn how others work

  • Understand what motivates them

  • Better understanding and dealing with conflict situations

In Business

  • Improved team work and understanding of others

  • More effective introduction and embedding of change

  • More productive and harmonious team meetings

  • More productive sales conversation

Personality Styles

Which one are you?

Dominant-Driver-Determined- Good problem solver, risk taker, motivator, argumentative?

Influencing-Inspiring-Impulsive-Optimistic, Talkative, emotional, peace maker?

Compliant-Correct-Cautious-analytical, careful, have high standards, thorough?


Stable-Steady-Supportive-team player, listener, friendly, loyal, holding grudges?

People are not just one or the other profile, we all have mix of more, sometimes depending on circumstances or situations we're in. Do you behave in a different way when you're at home to when you're at work? Do your reaction change when you are stressed or under pressure? What about those around you? Would you like to understand people you work with or those you live with better and improve how you deal with conflicts and misunderstandings? Understanding ourselves and others is the first step towards happier living.  

*Personality Profiling Test plus 45 minute consultation costs £80