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Meet Mia Cherry

Mia Cherry has a wealth of experience in working with people. Employed mainly in hospitality, being promoted to a supervisory position, Mia quickly realised that being good at her job is not the same as managing people and motivating them to reach high standards.

Even through her Management Development Program she sought more information on how to become a good manager through reading and self-development. Throughout her training she was not only placed in two hotels but also sent to handhold two new openings, training and supporting new staff and this is where she fell in love with training.

Mia also joined Samaritans where she could give back to community and after a year took a position of Deputy Director for Outreach. The reason Mia took this position was that she wanted to share the good work of Samaritans as well as educating others on emotional wellbeing. Through this work Mia gets to talk to various organisations and deliver presentations at schools and different groups in the community always improving on her presentation skills.

After several negative experiences in workplaces Mia has decided to change the way teams work and is offering employee training with three main topics. Listening Skills which is often undervalued, Understanding Each Other- learning about ourselves and others and Understanding Behaviour, our reactions and needs. Having this knowledge will increase understanding and minimise conflicts. Mia believes that through involving every single employee in the training this will in turn make them feel listened to and understood being able to recognise the differences, change expectations and teach them to avoid disappointments through understanding each other.

“Because everyone deserves to work in a positive and understanding environment. “